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Master Data

DataYes Master Data provides a central hub of reference data. It helps you manage all of your other Data Products around a common set of consistent identifiers, as well as a wide range of other information including Trading Calendar, Industry & Sector Classifications

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We provide fundamental data for Chinese companies. Data are provided on over 2,800 companies that are currently listed on or delisted from both the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. All fundamental data are point-in-time and are only registered after quality checking using our proprietary model.



Datayes Equities Data provides equities information sourced directly from Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It covers End of Day Data of (adjust)open, high, low, pre-close, volume, transaction value, deal amount, turnover, market value, circulation market value.

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China A-Shares

Datayes China A-Shares Data includes extensive corporate actions/events information for around 3000 listed companies.

A-Shares Data provides access to companies' listing information, industry/sector classification, IPO, dividends, stock allotment &split, share reform and stock daily return.



Datayes Bonds Data provides detailed information on bond issuance, rating, coupon, cash flow, accrued interest, Repo rate, guarantor and related options. Also it includes the daily updated End-of-day bond market data.



We provide data on all major futures that are traded in China Financial Futures Exchange(CFFEX), Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE), Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), and Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE). Data items include contract type, the minimum of changeable price, fluctuation limits for daily price, delivery method, contracts status, Treasury bond futures conversion factor and other information. Also included is the End of Day price for each future.



We provide data on more than 1000 indices. For major indices, we provide constituents, weight factors issuing authority, adjusted market value, and tradable share, etc. Our data also includes the End of Day closing index prices.



DataYes Fund Data provides descriptive data including fund strategy, asset class, fund company profile and manager profile. It also includes detailed information on Fund asset allocation, holdings reports, benchmarks and performance.



We provide data on options, including option contract information for SSE50 ETF since its launch date, as well as the daily End of Day price.


Macro & Industries

We provide data on macro economy and industries. Our macroeconomics data are at both national and provincial levels, while the industry (sector) specific indicators cover over 20 industries in China. Gain access to GDP, money supply, consumer price index, industry sales, prices, exports and imports, and many more.

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                DY1 | Core China Fundamentals Data

                DY2 | China Macroeconomic and Industrial Data 

                DY3 | Chinese Corporate Actions

                DY4 | Chinese Stock Prices

                DY5 | Chinese Equity Factor Data A

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