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Data Products

Professional level data for fundamental and quantitative investment research

  • Comprehensive financial data, reports and news 
  • Professional data processing and premium data quality
  • Proprietary alternative data for in-depth sector research

Robo Research Platform

Investment research platform powered by big data and machine learning

  • Multi-dimensional information filtering, personalized content subscription and interactive user interface
  • Intelligent financial search engine and professional supply chain analysis modules
  • Comprehensive knowledge graph and versatile financial models
  • SaaS-based multi screen application for research management and collaboration
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Other DataYes Products



Quantitative Research and Trading Platform


Full cycle MOM/FOF fund management platform


Automated investment advisory service for retail investors

Our Advantages



We offer one of the widest data coverages on the Chinese financial market, classes including bonds, equities, mutual funds, futures, as well as macro indicators and financial reports of both public and private companies in domestic China.


Whatever your investment style is, we are confident to offer you both raw and processed data that meet your need. In adidtional to the common data points, we offer a number of specialized categories such as e-commerce, sentiments, and company profile maps.

We have a large number of in-house experts from the world's leading institutions in both data science and investment fields. Leveraging our deep expertise, we have developed our own proprietary models to uncover valuable information that will help you with your investment research.

Timely & Accurate

Our database is updated on a daily basis, including high frequency data. We ensure that all the data that we receive and supply to our clients are completely reliable and accurate.

We have developed a proprietary "Data Quality" system to cross check the accuracy of our data source based on machine learning mechanism. The system is built in house by our dedicated team of over 20 financial engineers and data scientists.


Flexible & Convenient

Our data can be delivered to you on an on-demand basis via cloud APIs in the forms of FTP and cloud database. This method maximizes your deployment speed, accessibility and convenience whenever and wherever you need our data.

In addition, you do not need to pay for any data packages that you do not need.

About Us

DataYes is China's leading edge financial technology company founded by a group of experts in the fields of finance and internet technology. It is invested by Wanxiang China, one of China's largest non-state-owned conglomerate. By employing a new generation of technology and investment philosophy, the company is committed to providing a world-class and revolutionary global financial services platform.
DataYes is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has branches in Beijing, Nanjing, New York and the Silicon Valley.

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